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Secretary Of Wujiang District Party Committee Visited

  • by admin
  • 2016-06-29
  • Company News

        On the morning of December 16, 2015, Secretary Of Wujiang District Party Committee Liang Yibo and related functional department leader come to my company to visit. Chairman Tan Fajiang, general manager Zhu Linjiang, deputy general manager Tan Xiaoqing and other leaders warmly welcome the arrival of the leading line at the gate of our company. Then chairman Tan briefly introduces the present development and future planning to the leaders, and showed them around our company’s asphalt production workshop, polymer production workshop, raw material and finished product storage warehouse, laboratory, environmental protection equipment and other main venues and facilities. Through this, he understood our company’s actual development and he gave his encouragement to us.
       Mr. Liang successively came to asphalt workshop, polymer workshop, and listened to the introduction, saw workshop and asked the market in detail. He focused on present situation of our company’s management and the project progress, and so on and so forth. Secretary Liang said, wujiang will continue to create a good policy environment, continue to serve for the development and innovation of the enterprise. Hope our company continue to work hard, constantly looking for new business opportunities and developing new business models to get better grades.
        Through an on-the-spot investigation, Secretary Liang listened to Chairman Tan’s report of the future working plan and had a further discussion with others on the relevant questions. Secretary Liang approved our company’s concept that valuing scientific research rather than production. He hoped that our company can strengthen technical innovation to make greater contributions to the industrial transformation and upgrading of Qi Du Town. He said that our company should be closely related to the focus of district party committee, the district government, playing the role of demonstration and guidance for the work of the whole district.and becoming the new enterprise with fast development, good industry, strong innovation and beautiful environmental.
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