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EPDM rubber waterproofing membrane

EPDM waterproofing membrane

EPDM waterproofing membrane is made of EPDM (ethylene, propylene and a small amount of dicyclopentadiene copolymer synthetic polymers), vulcanizing agents, accelerators, etc., by rolling or extrusion process made polymer membranes.

★Product Specifications
Specifications: Thickness 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm; width 1.0mm, length 20.0m。
A variety of industrial and civil buildings and structures waterproof, impermeable, various underground water and non-leakage parts of water projects.

★Material Properties GB18173.1-2012

The physical properties of homogeneous sheet and a composite sheet
  No. Project Index
*1 Tensile Strength *Room temperature 23℃       ≥ 7.5MPa 4.0MPa 80N/cm 60N/cm
High temperature60℃        ≥ 2.3MPa 0.8MPa 30N/cm 20N/cm
*2 Elongation at break/% *Room temperature23℃       ≥ 450 400 300 250
Hypothermia—20℃ 200 200 150 50
*3 Tear strength                   ≥ 25kN/m 18kN/m 40N 20N
*4         Impermeability(0.3MPa,30min) No leakage
*5 Flexibility at low temperature(℃)                           ≤ -40 -30 -35 -20
6 Heating expansion rate(mm) Extend                ≤ 2 2 2 2
Shrink                ≤ 4 4 4 4
7 Hot air aging(80℃×168h) Tensile strength retention/%    ≥ 80 90 80 80
Elongation retention/%      ≥ 70 70 70 70
8 Alkali【10%Ca(OH)Room temperature×168h】 Tensile strength retention/%    ≥ 80 80 80 60
Elongation retention/%      ≥ 80 90 80 60
9 Ozone aging(40℃×168h) Elongation 40%,500×10-8 No cracks -
Elongation 20%,200×10-8 - No cracks
10 Artificial weathering Tensile strength retention/%     ≥ 80 80 80 70
Elongation retention/%       ≥ 70 70 70 70
11 Peel adhesion strength (sheet and the sheet) Standard test conditions/N/mm        ≥ 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Flooding retention(23℃×168h)/% ≥ 70 70 70 70
Note: 1, artificial weathering and adhesive peel strength was recommended projects.
         2, the non-use can not be considered exposed to ozone aging, artificial weathering, heating amount of stretching, 60 ℃ tensile strength properties.
         3, marked * factory inspection items.
Self-adhesive layer performance
Project      Index
Flexibility at low temperature -25℃ No cracks
Holding adhesive 20
Peel strength/(N/mm) Standard test conditions Sheet and the sheet            ≥ 0.8
And aluminum sheet           ≥ 1
Sheets and cement mortar board      ≥ 1
After hot air aging(80℃×168h) Sheet and the sheet            ≥ 1
And aluminum sheet            ≥ 1.2
Sheets and cement mortar board      ≥ 1.2
★Construction Technology
1、Roof construction grassroots basic requirements:
(1)Grassroots required 1: 2.5 cement mortar sweeping movements into 20-30mm thick leveling layer should be Mei-pressure light, solid, firm, smooth, can not afford to sand, not a punch, loose, drum kits, pockmarked face phenomenon exists. Flatness application 2m long straightedge inspection, the gap between the ruler and the leveling layer should not exceed 5mm。
(2)Screed surface must be dry, cement mortar should have sufficient strength, and its moisture content does not exceed 9%.
(3)Leveling layer with protruding roof structure (parapet, chimney, etc.) and the junction should be made at the corner radius of the arc-shaped 20mm, fell into the water around the mouth of the pit should be made slightly to allow for drainage.
(4)Pan of water and slope leveling layer should meet the design requirements and the relevant provisions.
2、Process: Cleaning grassroots → bonding → exhaust end coil compaction received additional layer membrane surface treatment → coating → → coating the surface of base web and edge treatment protective layer
3、Operation Process:
(1)Primary cleaning: before the construction of grass-roots acceptance again clear Yin clean.
(2)Additional layers: special parts yin and yang angle, root canal, the water port and other additional layers need to be done. It can be used with a polyurethane coating or layer of the web.
(3)Primary and coil surface coating: The clean sheet spread on the grass, with a long brush dipped (401 or 404) of adhesive, coating evenly on the web, and then coated on the base construction, brushing when not in the same place repeatedly brushing, so as not to form a gel. Special parts of the root canal, the water mouth, such as brushing with a scrubbing brush.
(4)After the glue with the primary coil, substantially dry adhesive to dry after hand generally not bonded to be paving.
4、Roofing membrane paste:
(1)From start flowing downhill slope, the pop standard line, coil configuration should be long and perpendicular to the flow direction of the gradient.
(2)Whenever Puwan rolls of material, it should immediately use the soft brush long from one end of the coil began to move toward the web lateral force rolling again, completely rule out the wear between the gas with the primary coil. If you can not remove air bubbles, do not cut the web to exhaust themselves, so as not to affect the overall waterproof effect。
(3)Coil joint bond
Self-adhesive EPDM construction finished by GB50207-2012 "Roof Engineering Quality Acceptance" or GB50208-2011 "underground waterproof project quality inspection norms" for acceptance.
★Storage and transportation
Sheet during transportation and storage, should pay attention not to damage the packaging, placed in ventilated, dry place, storage stack height should not exceed five flat sheet roll height. When stacked, should be placed on a dry, level ground, avoid direct sunlight, NO contact with acids, alkalis, oils and organic solvents, and heat isolation.
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