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Self-adhesive polymer of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) waterp

Polyethylene polyester waterpr

Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) waterproof sheet, the company is to develop and produce a water-blocking barrier polymer waterproof material. It ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) as raw material, extrusion, calender, cooling and other processes processing.

★Product type and specifications
Divided into homogeneous sheet (JS2) without fabric composite sheet and strip of fabric (FS2)。

Suitable for road, rail tunnels, reservoirs, dams, reservoirs and various underground, underwater engineering leakproof liner.

★Material Properties GB18173.1-2012

Project Index
*Tensile Strength/MPa Room temperature(23℃)                         ≥ 16
High temperature(60℃)                         ≥ 6
*Elongation at break/% Room temperature(23℃)                         ≥ 550
Hypothermia(-20℃)                        ≥ 350
*Tear strength/(KN/m)                                        ≥ 60
*Impermeability(30min) 0.3MPa无渗漏
*Flexibility at low temperature -35℃无裂纹
Heating expansion rate(mm) Extend                                ≤ 2
Shrink                                ≤ 6
Hot air aging(80℃×168h) Retention of tensile strength/%                  ≥ 80
Elongation at break retention/%                  ≥ 70
Alkali【SaturationCa(OH)2Solution,23℃×168h】 Retention of tensile strength/%                  ≥ 80
Elongation at break retention/%                  ≥ 90
Artificial weathering Retention of tensile strength/%                ≥ 80
Elongation retention/%                  ≥ 70
Peel adhesion strength (sheet and the sheet) Standard test conditions/(N/mm )               ≥ 1.5
Flooding retention(23℃×168h)/%            ≥ 70

Note:Wherein factory inspection items with *

★Construction Technology
Grassroots cleanup——Primary repair——Detail treatment (sealing, additional layers)——Rolling Stones roll push lap width compliant——Hot wedge or hot-melt welding construction——Storage (shower) water acceptance
After construction according to GB50207-2012《Roof Engineering Quality Acceptance》or GB50208-2011《Underground Waterproof Engineering Quality Acceptance》Acceptance。


★Storage and transportation
Sheet during transportation and storage, should pay attention not to damage the packaging, placed in ventilated, dry place, storage stack height should not exceed five flat sheet roll height. When stacked, should be placed on a dry, level ground, avoid direct sunlight, NO contact with acids, alkalis, oils and organic solvents, and heat isolation.
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